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A collaborative speculative biology collection project begun in October 2018, fulfilled in May/June 2018, and hoping to become a bi-annual series, Almost Real: A Speculative Biology Zine (co-edited by Jay Eaton) hosts over a dozen creators to re-create the imaginative, plausible worlds of Zoobooks and other 90s publications with fantastical creatures and critters, all while still remaining anatomically plausible. 

There have been three published volumes : Volume 1, Volume 2 (Flight), and Volume 3 (Aquatics), with Volume 4 successfully funded on Kickstarter and awaiting fulfillment.

Click on each photo above to learn more about the project, with the last redirecting you to Fortuna Media's page about Almost Real.

"Almost Real is an ode to those who looked for art and science to go hand in hand and were inspired by childhood bestiaries, for those who wanted logic and lopsided monsters to meet and make sense, and for those who wanted see creatures so lifelike that
they could be... well, Almost Real.

Click on each image below to find out more about Hye's work on the series.

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